Local Work



Migration has socio-cultural, political and economic effects on the lives of indigenous communities in the Highlands of Chiapas, such as the meaning of being in and part of the land. The identities, imaginings, modes of relation, and coexistence of NNJ are transformed through their migrations, as well as their projects of existence. For this reason, we consider it fundamental to promote and develop spaces for intercultural dialogue, critical reflection, and the creative expression of NNJ regarding their experiences as migrants.

Local work with groups of children and youth arises from the need for them to recover, narrate, and share their experiences and feelings about a phenomenon that is already part of their identity and local culture and history. It seeks to strengthen collective processes of political reflection, and at the same time to train in the development of communicative and artistic skills, through the following:

  • Meetings and workshops for dialogue and reflection based on music, theater, photography, video, and radio, which allows for creative and original expression of their reflections, generating artistic products (documentaries, photographic shows, plays, etc.) that can be used as tools of political advocacy and community awareness.
  • Creation and strengthening of groups of youth promoters who are responsible for multiplying learning in their communities, with the participation of community leaders and authorities. The purpose of these promoters is to invite and encourage spaces for community reflection that lead to new organizational practices and resistance.

  • Formation of leaders and youth groups able to work in networks and activate processes of community reflection around the risks, scope, and potential of migration. These groups are responsible for promoting the economic, social, and cultural rights of indigenous people, creatively raising awareness of the profound impacts of migration in these communities.