ACNJM promotes dialogue and citizen reflection through festivals, exhibits, and projections about migratory issues in public places and cultural centers of communities in the Highlands of Chipas. This is to encourage the creation of community spaces for free expression, self-assessment, and reflection of NNJ on their migratory experiences and future projects, in close collaboration with the Coalición Indígena de Migrantes de Chiapas (Indigenous Coalition of Migrants of Chiapas, abbreviated CIMICH in Spanish). Projects that contribute to community awareness and education processes include:


  • Migrant Museum (MuMi): An itinerant educational initiative that seeks to make visible the problems of migrants as well as their contributions to community life, from an intercultural and historical perspective based on the memory of the communities and the transnational ties that unite communities of origin with communities of destination. It is an open, plural, and inclusive space of reflection and cultural action around the migratory reality in communities and regions with high levels of migration.

  • Theater and Community Awareness: Training workshops on the theater of the oppressed seek to consolidate children's groups and youth theater, based on the reflection of the structural and daily oppressions they suffer and the struggles to free themselves from them, develop itinerant artistic pieces that can be performed at festivals and community events