Transnational Institutionality of the Mayan Diaspora

In collaboration with the Central American Institute for Social Studies and Development (INCEDES) and the University of Florida, Voces Mesoamericanas participated in the project "Strengthening Transnational Ties and Organizing Mechanisms in the Mayan Diaspora in Florida, United States."

Collaborative research recognizes that the institutionality of support networks strengthens the Mayan migrant in their destinations contributing to their personal, family, and community development as a result of migration. In its first phase, the project elaborated a mapping of actors and analysis of the ties and transnational institutionality of Mayan migrants from Guatemala and Chiapas.

Strengthening the capacity of migrant protagonists to build alliances and / or follow up on local institutions that contribute to transnational development is the purpose of the project in its second phase. Undoubtedly, the climate and anti-migrant policies that intensify with President Trump's Executive Actions are a difficult scenario for the construction of Mayan institutionality in the United States that now require new alliances and creative strategies.