Voces Mesoamericanas, Acción con Pueblos Migrantes (Mesoamerican Voices, Action with Migrant People), is a Mexican civil organization, formally constituted as a civil association in April 2011. It has its antecedents in a space for dialogue and strategic thinking on Development and Migration, that, in the context of immigration reform in the United States in 2011, took the "Mesoamerican Voices" to Washington to promote a focus on regional policy and a medium and long-term vision that takes into account the structural, economic, and political causes of migration.



We are a civil association that promotes the organization and coordination of indigenous migrants as subjects to defend and exercise their rights and the construction of “Buen Vivir,” an indigenous concept of communal well-being, in transnational communities of Mesoamerica and North America.


Social Vision

Transnational families and communities that are organized and mobilized, claiming their identity and own migration experience, and exercising their rights to a dignified life with options of rootedness and mobility in the Mesoamerican region and North America.

Institutional Vision

To be a civil organization with intercultural and transnational practices, committed and specialized in the self-administration of initiatives carried out by migrant subjects and their allies to build processes for a dignified life with options of rootedness and mobility.


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