Voces Mesoamericanas, Acción con Pueblos Migrantes, A.C. (Voces Mesoamericanas) is a project promoting policy and practice of development and migration, migrants’ activism, and attention to migrants in crisis. We began operations in 2009, and the organization was legally constituted in April of 2011.
The team of Voces Mesoamericanas consists of eight full-time staff members, two part-time staff, and three volunteers. Three Tsotsil-speakers with migration experience are on staff; all have returned to their communities of origin in the Highlands of Chiapas.

We assume a mission of developing a transnational approach, with participation of Mexicans in Mexico and outside the national territory, linked in social networks. They with their families contribute to a sustainable, integral, just development (“buen vivir” or “wellbeing”) of their communities in Chiapas and in the whole region of Central and North America.

We envision ourselves as an organization in transnational civil society marshaling all manner of resources needed so that migrants become successful defenders of their civil and human rights.

Strategic goals
1.         To promote the organization and participation of migrants, their families and their communities in their own governance, at the local, national an international levels. VM is a strategic ally of migrant organizations for this purpose. VM supports innovation in communication, production and social organization.

2.         Participate in public policy discussion in favor of a strong migrant in favor of migrant’s civil and human rights and their participation in their own and their communities’ development.

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