• We work optimistically, with imagination and persistence for a just and caring society that respects the earth as a mother and a shared home.
  • We believe in Buen Vivir, an indigenous concept of communal well-being, and in just and dignified migration as short, medium, and long-term possibilities and political projects. This necessitates recognizing the centrality of migrants, their subjective practices, contradictions, aspirations and projects of that sustain them in the initiatives that we promote.
  • We recognize and value the contributions of migrants, their families, organizations, and communities to the life of our societies in the countries of Mesoamerica and North America that are part of our migratory region.
  • We are outraged by the economic and social injustices caused by neoliberal policies, by the various forms of violence and impunity as structural causes that have forcefully displaced millions of people in the world and in our region.
  • We share the causes and struggles of movements that transform society, and in their daily practice propose new concepts and ways of doing politics, exercising authority, and coexisting in diversity.
    We believe that transnational projects and processes from the bottom up, led by migrant men and women, challenge the fundamentals and framework of the nation-state and the conventional forms of liberal citizenship.
  • We strengthen the ability of migrants to exercise specific rights and responsibilities in the distinct dimensions of transnational life; especially migrants confronting forms of social exclusion through mechanisms of resistance and self-organization.
  • We prioritize grassroots work and community based processes that are participatory, self-managed, and inclusive of ethnic, cultural, political, religious, and sexual diversity.
  • We promote self-managed initiatives and processes that strive to exercise the rights to rootedness with dignity and mobility with human security, in a multidimensional perspective (social, political, economic and ecological).
  • We build trust, social legitimacy, and roots with families, groups, organizations, and communities with whom we share the goals of social change, practicing transparency and accountability.
  • We create relationships of brotherhood and sisterhood in our work team, creating environments that promote creativity, proactivity, mutual support, spirituality, and self-care of every member of the team.
  • We strive to be consistent in our daily practices and interactions with individuals, groups, and institutions.
  • We incorporate the ethical and political principles of interculturalism, sociocultural and linguistic diversity, equity, and gender justice as necessary conditions for Buen Vivir.