Committee of family members of disappeared migrants Junax ko´tanti

The Committee of United Families of Chiapas Looking for Our Migrants "Junax Ko'tantik," is composed of relatives of disappeared migrants who are originally from the state of Chiapas. The committee has an intercultural wealth because its members belong to different peoples: tseltales, tsotsiles, choles, tojolabales, and mestizos, who have recognized that they find themselves in the same problem that allows them to move from the case of their family to the collective cause. Their languages, ways of coexistence and relationships, worldviews and life experiences, are not a barrier for families to share the path of truth, justice, integral reparation, and cessation of violations of the human rights of migrants .

The purpose of the Committee is to articulate social and political actions that allow the missing relatives of migrants to be found. It also maintains a permanent formation process that allows them to know and analyze the mechanisms to access justice for disappeared migrants and their families, and to strengthen their hearts and their struggle through psychosocial work. The Committee is actively involved in the Movement for Our Disappeared in Mexico, which promotes the adoption of effective laws on forced disappearance.

One of the important works developed by the Committee is to participate in the Directory of the Forensic Data Bank of Unlocated Migrants of the State of Chiapas, as representative of relatives of disappeared migrants, monitoring and supervising the Bank's work in the search of remains identified in forensic services, municipal cemeteries, and among other places in the territories of Mexico and the United States of America.