Collective “Migrations for the Americas” (Colectivo Migraciones para Las Américas-Compa)

Non-profit citizens and national and international networks,

and what we have in common is the work in favor of the exercise of

human rights of the migrant population, their families, and their communities.

We work out of the approaches of social inclusion (abbreviated EIS in Spanish), Human Security (or ESH in Spanish) and sustainable development (or ESD), using principles of citizen participation, consensus-based decision-making, diversity and inclusion of people and social actors involved in the issue of migration, for the political and social impact on the government of Mexico, which has an impact on the region.

We have achieved through our collective work and from a transnational vision, an influence in Mexican national planning, through the National Development Plan 2013-2018 and the formation of the first program on migration, Programa Especial de Migración (PEM), as well as in other agencies of public policy or federal or local regulations, through the strengthening of local processes, who have requested the support of COMPA.

COMPA has a methodology that serves as a tool for advocacy in the long term, but also for the development of new state and municipal public policy instruments that include the missing indicators in the PEM and that have been developed in a consensual way. Another important tool is an educational methodology for the citizenship of PEM.

In order to fulfill its purpose, COMPA has a Core Group of promotion, Regional Chapters (North, Center and South) and Working Groups (GTs in Spanish) on priority topics. Voces Mesoamericanas and the Mesa Transfronteriza  are part of the Southern Chapter. The Chapter has the tasks of weaving and expanding links with organizations in the south of the country and in Central America and generating training spaces in access to public information and budget analysis, as research tools and advocacy in public policies along the Guatemala - Mexico border.

Voces Mesoamericanas participates in two working group:

1) GT-Budgets, which investigates, denounces, and advocates regarding budgets allocated to government institutions and programs aimed at migrants and refugee seekers as a means of coping with a lack of transparency.

2) GT-International Spaces, which strengthens the participation and positioning of COMPA in international spaces on development, human rights, and migration, as a regional reference for migrant and pro-migrant civil organizations, with the capacity to propose and articulate with allied actors. Since its formation, it has been linked to the area Acción Global de los Pueblos that advocates the FMDD and since the end of 2015 has been participating in the formation of the Diasporas and Migrants Sector of the Alliance of Civil Society Organizations for the Developmental Effectiveness (AOED in Spanish).