Activation of comprehensive protocols and routes for strategic advocacy and protection, under a psycho-juridical approach, for migrants who, during their travel, in the workplace or on their return are in a delicate situation, for example: detentions and imprisonment, hospitalizations and health problems, legal issues because of a breach of contract by their employer, and deaths, human rights violations, among others.

  • Activation of localization services and governmental and non-governmental protection to migrants who are in the United States or other states of Mexico, restoration of family communication, and processing of paperwork and procedures through government offices.
  • Support in the procedures for transportation transfer of sick people and some family; Search for financial support for medical care and / or medicines.
  • Information and advice on the steps to file a complaint against employers who abused the rights of migrant workers; Process of adquiring migrant workers' pensions for injuries.
  • Support in the search for resources and procedures for the transfer of a body in case of death; Establishment of communication with government offices to monitor the case of the deceased; Emotional support to families of the deceased.